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September 2004
Just produced my first play. My friend Jeanne Fidler introduced me to the Sausalito Players - a play reading group - at their annual meeting this year. It was a causual event where everyone introduced themselves and expressed their involvement in the Players. I mentioned that I would be in the audience. But after the meeting I was approached to be in a play and later when I introduced myself to playright May Kramer she hugged me. I knew I had to get more involved. Kramer needed a producer and even though I had no previous experience she liked my enthusiasm. It couldn't have been more fun! The cast were wonderful, the stage crew talented, and everyone was laidback. The whole thing was about having fun and the magic worked. The show went off charmingly.

Pictures coming soon!


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"Reality is that, which if not dealt with properly, will kill you" -Dan Foley

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